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1700 SE Mile Hill Dr. Suite 116, Port Orchard, WA 98366

Wednesday & Thursday     Noon - 7:00

Friday & Saturday     Noon - 8:00

Sunday     Noon  (10:00 during NFL season) - 6:00

Unconventionally Traditional

Black Ring Spirits    –    where the tradition of conventional distilling meets the art of the small batch craft distillery. 

Every old distillery has great stories. Tall ships and rum, speak easies and gin, grandpa's old moonshine recipe - these all bring to mind traditions that go back generations.

Black Ring Spirits is putting a new spin on old traditions as a craft distillery in a small community. 


Craft  distilleries in Washington operate very much like the small farm distilleries of the 18th century.

These small distilleries use local grains and fruit to make liquor in small batches.  As seasons and crops change so do the liquor.  While consistent supplies are available to the small distillery in this day and age, every visit to Black Ring Spirits will be a unique experience.

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Handcrafted Spirits

Small batch liquor

made in Port Orchard, Washington.

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Black Ring Spirit's Flagship Bourbon Whiskey

Black Ring Bourbon has unique flavors that separate it from typical bourbons.

Vanilla, caramel, mango, and orange marmalade round out the notes that make this whiskey perfect to sip or mix into your favorite cocktails.

Black Ring Spirit's Flagship
Rye Whiskey

Black Ring Rye is a great introduction to rye whiskies. It starts with a gentle peppery, herbal tickle and gives way to a honey sweet finish. 

Black Ring Rye makes for one of the best Manhattans you'll ever have.

Black Ring Spirit's Single Malt Whiskey;  Black

Made from 100% malted barley grown in the Skagit Valley, one sip takes you to the Pacific Northwest.

Complex notes of chocolate, coffee and leather end with a lingering cherry finish.

This whiskey pairs wonderfully with your favorite cigar, pipe or other smoke.

Black Ring Spirit's Apple Brandy;

This Best in Class brandy starts as Honeycrisp apples grown in the Wenatchee Valley of Washington state.

We press our cider in house to ensure only the very best fruit is used. 

Fragrant apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla will remind you of grandma's fresh baked apple pie.

This spirit is a great ingredient in your favorite brandy cocktails, sipped neat, or added to holiday favorites like eggnog.

Black Ring Spirit's Coffee Whiskey;
Toasted Joe

This Gold Medal winner is the quintessential Pacific Northwest whiskey.

Made with craft roasted coffee from Frenchie Coffee Roaster it's perfect to sip neat or mix in your favorite coffee cocktails. 

Flavors of lightly sweetened coffee finish with complex whiskey and smoke.

Black Ring Spirit's Candy Apple Red 

A specialty spirit distilled from a blend of apple and cane based sugars, this liquor has a lot of 'rum like' flavors.

Candy Apple Red is great over ice or as the base spirit in traditional rum cocktails.  It mixes great with ginger beer or tropical fruit juices.


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1700 SE Mile Hill Dr Suite 116, Port Orchard, WA 98366

(360) 316-9168

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